NIN Smart Transportation offers experienced drivers for dedicated routes who can adapt to your needs, whether the schedule is AM or PM.

​​Reducing costs for your company by providing maintenance, insurance, and liabilities.

We offer 100% service guarantee, taking care of any situation that may arise providing fast communications solutions.

NIN Transportation E-Commerce Fulfillment

​NIN Dedicated Fleet Services

One of the best advantages of working NIN Transportation is that we own all the vehicles within our fleet. You leave the vehicle maintenance, staff recruitment, stand-ins and absences to us and we will handle everything for your business. When you let us have complete control over the vehicles we will choose the best vehicles, drivers, and equipment that best suit the needs of the solution. This will help streamline the logistics operations and improve efficiency. A dedicated fleet service also means more flexibility in response to volume fluctuations and reduces the headache and risks associated with owning a fleet. Our many customers depend on us to keep their business flowing so that they can focus on more important things, like running their business.

Fleet Rightsizing

  • We’ll help you save on costs by having the optimal number of vehicles for your business needs, without the excess capacity or underused vehicles. NIN Transportation helps you find the right balance between capacity and demand and finds trends and patterns in your demand that can help better inform your next decision on the configuration of the fleet.

Volume Surge

  • We deploy trucks and drivers during your busiest sales periods so that you can meet the demand. Volume surges can occur at any time and they can be difficult to manage when you are not prepared.  By partnering with NIN Transportation, you can be sure that you’ll be able to handle any surges and meet your customers’ needs, Delivering Peace of Mind at any time.

Driver Recruiting

  • NIN Transportation takes responsibility for the recruiting, screening, hiring, training, and management of all professional drivers. Finding and retaining qualified drivers is a time consuming process for any business and essential for ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Risk Reduction

  • As you partner with NIN Transportation, we will handle the training, safety, compliance, accidents, insurance and claims for all drivers and vehicles within our operations. With so many variables to take into account, NIN Transportation helps your business to minimize risk exposure and protect the goods you want transported

Maintenance & Safety

  • We care about driver safety and exceed all federal and provincial standards for preventative maintenance and repairs for all equipment. With NIN Transportation, you can be confident that our vehicles are well-maintained and our workforce is properly trained and equipped  to handle and safety risks.